Computer Services

Our services range from hardware repair, virus removals, data recovery or transfers, server maintenance and remote support.

Our computer services include time and cost effective highly specialized support for computer systems to individual owners, small and large businesses.  The span of services that we offer include operating systems for home and office as well as software and hardware installations, repair work, system upgrades and maintenance. 

Let us diagnose your computer problems for free. We diagnose and repair all types of hardware and software problems, so if your computer is experiencing problems such as windows problems or spontaneous rebooting or computer crashing/freezing or blue screen errors (BSOD), any error messages, start-up problems or no power, internet/email problems or slow and sluggish performance then let Digital Forerunners resolve these issues and get your computer running the way it was running when it first came out of the box.

Your computer is a function of your everyday life so keeping it up to date and secure is extremely important. To mitigate the inevitable reduction of performance, sluggish response and all problems that follow requires constant care and regular maintenance. Let us help you prolong the life of that computer that you invested your hard earned money into. Contact us.