Onsite Services

Any organization and business house need a strong IS, or Information System, to handle its daily operations, transactions and other strategic planning. IT, or Information Technology provides a strong foundation for Management Information Systems for any such institution. In the 21st century, this IT workstation provides a strong backbone for businesses taking place on a global scale. If a workstation of a company is down, it would naturally mean that the business house would not be able to undergo its business processes for that period and their profits would hit a setback. Even simplest of activities like processing payroll for employees, sending emails to fellow clients and registering daily operations take a jolt during an IT shutdown.

There is practically no way to prevent such shutdown. Machines, running overtime, wear out and a breakdown occurring is not really a surprise. But, what can be done is to solve such breakdown and bring back the workstations and computer networks to life so as to resume work. Onsite Services cater to such fatal dilapidated conditions. These services go beyond just repair of software services, but also look into multiple scenarios like onsite Home and Business Support, Network Support, Server Support or hardware and software support. The biggest leverage one gets when one resorts to onsite services is that he/she can pick up his/her phone at any time and the help will come over to the workplace immediately. As the name suggests, these services come on-site and look into the problem on a first-hand basis instead of doing it over a phone or a call center. The range of services offered by Digital Forerunners include desktop support, software support, virus removal, Network and Server support, data backup, data restore and system tune-up, and all this is provided directly at the workstation of the client.

Our IT or computer services, generally include a package of onsite home and business support, network support and server support, which are time and cost effective for home and businesses, small or big. The aids go beyond just repair but also protection against malware, operating systems back-up and installations and system upgrades and maintenance. An icing on the cake is the facility of free diagnosing of problems like windows problems, spontaneous rebooting, computer crashing or blue screen errors (BSOD) and computer freezing. Digital Forerunners, for example, is a leading company for onsite services and they have provisions for any error messages, start-up problems or no power, any network support problems, server support problems or sluggish behavior by systems.

The DIS or Data Information Systems, and MIS or Management Information Systems is a function of the daily and regular business activities and keeping it up to date with security, firewall protection and support systems is a necessity for entrepreneurs or businessmen these days. A shutdown will cause a major harm on the reputation of the owners not only for the day, but even question its reliability in the future. So, an initial expense on Onsite Services should be considered as an investment for future goodwill of the company.


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