Everything you need to know about DigitalOcean

Many of you may not know what exactly DigitalOcean is? We are talking about the best virtual area that can be used by experience web developers who are trying to create something unique for the users. This is a cloud hosting company that is based in U.S, New York and they have a very good attitude.

They want to create a simple platform where every client can migrate projects whenever they want in the cloud. This means that their clients can have their own Droplets with an operating system. So, in this way their client has access to their virtual server and can make changes without any problem.

Thanks to their configurable servers and open API this place can become pure joy for those who want to have everything under control. This is a unique way to expand, to investigate and to grow.

What Exactly Is Cloud Hosting?

Method that can show how to use online virtual servers and to create, modify and destroy one of them. Their servers are called “Cloud servers” and like CPU cores they’re resources and can be figured out by a developer with the right software and operating system.

Cloud Hosting Can Be Useful

You can use Cloud hosting for various things like sending emails, distributing services and hosting websites.

What is VPS?

This is the most common form of cloud hosting today. VPS is a cloud hosting. That is a virtual server that can function just like a real computer. Every virtual server must have an operating system that can be installed only by the hypervisor. This server is available only for the users.

Other Forms Of Hosting

  • Shared hosting is the best way for you to run your site. This type of hosting is focused on a simple feature and pricing structures for better access to your site’s software that has limitations.
  • Dedicated hosting is when you sell a server machine in physical form to one person only. This can be more flexible for you and better from shared hosting, as well. In this way the developer can control the configuration of the software, the whole operating system and the hardware of the server. This type of server is very useful for online games, social media and some other demanding platforms.

DigitalOcean Monitoring

This is a free to use monitoring service that provides insights about the resource usage from your infrastructure. Service Monitoring is created from different components that can increase the visibility about the operational health of the servers.

You need to know few things about DigitalOcean’s – Monitoring service

  1. Is free
  2. It’s available in every region
  3. It requires DigitalOcean Agent to be installed on all
  4. Graphed metrics:
  • User CPU Usage
  • Disk Write
  • Disk Read
  • Disk Usage
  • Great processes by CPU
  • Memory Use


This is probably the most useful tool DigitalOcean has ever created. With this tool you have an option to start a completely new project without an issue. All that thanks to the incredible cloud server that you can set up in only 55 seconds. It’s easy for use and you only need to follow these few stepsF

  • From your snapshot create Droplet
  • Pick initial size that is based on the resources you
  • Select Image
  • Select a region
  • Select Additional option

Thanks to the DigitalOcean‘s data centers from all over the world each Droplet you can place closer to your audience. This can help you with many things and of them is reducing the page speeds.

Droplets give you the choice which operating system should be used. You have to know that you can’t have every operating system to be installed on the Droplet. Don’t worry they will offer you a plenty of options. From then on everything depends on you, what you are going to do with your Droplet. The option is to run web or some other data services. This can help you to do test purposes or to learn how to manage your specific server configuration.

Additional Features

  • Cluster Deployment – Option to create multiple
  • Backup – They work automatically and on a
  • Snapshots – Can help you to duplicate, restore or save
    your Droplets

Your hardware and your control panel are responsible for monitoring the performance of your Droplet.

How To Log Into Your DigitalOcean Cloud

Firs, you need to log into your DigitalOcean – Control panel with your own email address.

Yoy can create Droplet in two ways:

  • Click the create droplet button, which you can see only
    if you don’t have any Droplets
  • In your top right click the create button and choose


Teams is a feature from DigitalOcean that is developed to assist you with the complex setups. You have only one login to manage and every member can join in maximum 10 teams. There is an option to invite members and to let them be a part of the given projects.

In teams there is an option to see which one of your team members is using two factor authentication, which will make you feel more secure and safe.

How To Enable The DigitalOcean Agent

This monitoring feature requires a DigitalOcean – Agent program to have on your Droplet. This Agent will pick up metrics and automatically send them to the monitoring service of DigitalOcean.

Their Agent supports:

  • Debian 8
  • CentOS 6 & new versions
  • Ubuntu 14.04 & new versions

Their monitoring checkbox which is automatic is not available for the users of Fedora (operating system), but fortunately their installation script can be used. When, you create droplet with checking you can switch to monitoring and with that you’ll have the Agent automatically installed.

How To Create Alert Policies Into DigitalOcean’s Control Panel

Click on the monitoring link which is at the main navigation in your DigitalOcean’s control panel, then click on the create alert policy button and you are ready to go.

The whole process is organized by four things:

  1. Set the metrics and thresholds
  2. Set alerts
  3. Select Droplets
  4. Name the alert policy

Alert Policies

They are rules that can define the thresholds for using of the resources. You will receive a notification when someone exceeds in the usage of the thresholds. The notification will come in a form of slack or an email.

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