Best Laptop under 200

Best Laptop under 200 [Top 5 Guide]

Best Laptop under 200
Best Laptop under 200

Best Laptop under 200: Sometimes you just need a laptop but have no budget. A laptop under 200 is such a case. Luckily, nowadays there are laptops available at this price. However, you shouldn’t expect great performance. For watching videos online, doing research, writing papers or creating tables you can use those laptops but certainly not for gaming or watching 4k videos or even rendering videos.

At this price level, you also cannot expect a Windows laptop since the Windows license already costs around 100. Therefore most laptops are Chromebooks which means they operate with ChromeOS made by Google.

Another point is that some models are refurbished. This means that they are not new laptops but rather second-hand and checked by the distributor.

In this article, we show you 5 examples for Chromebooks that are quite popular.

Acer Flagship CB3-532

The Acer Flagship CB3-532 has over 800 customer reviews. It’s a very popular Chromebook.

Best Laptop under 200 [Top 5 Guide] 1
Acer Flagship CB3-532


  • Big screen
  • Decent speakers on the sides
  • USB ports
  • Easy to use
  • Great price
  • Keyboard is excellent


  • Touchpad isn’t the greatest
  • 4K video watching is impossible
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Samsung Chromebook

Best Laptop under 200 [Top 5 Guide] 2
Samsung Chromebook


  • Simplistic and therefore long battery life
  • Good size
  • Low weight


  • Speakers are not very loud
  • Keyboard has no backlight
  • Sometimes difficult to connect to wi-fi printer
  • Screen resolution could be higher
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Lenovo Chromebook C330

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Lenovo Chromebook C330


  • Solid build. Nice sturdy plastic chassis. (Keeps it lightweight)
  • USB type C port, SD card slot, HDMI, and USB 3.0
  • Touchscreen with an IPS display
  • Gigs of RAM and 64gig of storage. (rare at this price point)
  • Nice feel to the keyboard and track pad.
  • ARM processor that is optimized for the Google play store apps and runs much better than the Intel celerons you see in most low-end Chromebooks.


  • The bezel is too large for the size. The resolution is not great at 1,366 x 768 (140 PPI). We have all become a little spoiled with the clarity of phones, this is noticeably lower. It has a refresh rate of 60Hz so it is fine for catching a little Netflix, but do not expect high def quality.
  • No backlighting on the keyboard. No number pad.
  • Its too slow for intense gaming. You will not be playing any high demand games on this, it lags. Fine for browsing the internet and word processing, low graphics demand games and other such tasks.

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Samsung Electronics XE500C13

Best Laptop under 200 [Top 5 Guide] 3
Samsung Electronics XE500C13


  • light weight
  • highly transportable
  • decent water resistant keyboard
  • long battery life
  • fast recharging
  • sturdy construction for a low cost machine
  • micro SD card inserts flush to edge and can be left in all the time
  • silent
  • dependable
  • good wi-fi
  • opens 180 degrees
  • has blue light filter which user can set for night use


  • The 12 volt 2.2 amp ac adapter, p/n AD-2612AUS, employs a needle-thin barrel power tip which is easily broken off and tends to fall out of the wall.
  • Display hinge is sturdy but too tight
  • low screen resolution as do all laptops at this price point
  • maximum sound level though built in stereo speakers may not at times be loud enough for some users
  • heats through bottom with heavy use
  • touchpad is overly sensitive and can not be adjusted

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Samsung Chromebook 3

Best Laptop under 200 [Top 5 Guide] 4
Samsung Chromebook 3


  • Fairly light weight
  • The battery life is great
  • Handles web-based tasks like typing essays, creating powerpoints, and watching videos beautifully


  • Quality of the screen could be better
  • Good price
  • Sound and brightness are pretty low
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