Best headset for PUBG Xbox

Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide]

Best headset for PUBG Xbox
Best headset for PUBG Xbox

Best mouse for PUBG: In this article, we show you 5 options of the best mouse for PUBG depending on your preferences. All of the shown variants give you a gaming mouse that is going to do you a good service when gaming PUBG.

1. Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide] 1
Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • Battery lasts for the advertised 50 hours without the RGB turned on
  • Feels no different from Razer Basilisk or any of my other of my wired mouses in terms of latency playing Destiny 2 and Overwatch
  • 90$ price tag is very nice for a wireless gaming mouse compared to some of Logitechs and SteelSeries offerings
  • Fine weight for a wireless mouse of 106 grams which is a bit lower then the Logitech G903 110 grams and barely different from the Logitech G900 107 grams
  • Very easy to transport and no worry to lose USB adapter with built in storage under mouse
  • DPI preset buttons are always nice
  • Shape fits my hand very nicely


  • Lasts for probably closer to 40 hours with the RGB turned on
  • USB door under mouse feels cheap and flimsy
  • Razer Synapse software feels a bit clunky to control things with the mouse
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2. Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide] 2
Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best mouse for PUBG: Assuming it holds up, this is an endgame mouse, no question. But people should realize that whether they know it or not, they can always move their goalposts of “mouse perfection” according to their desires and what comes out on the market. As Apple’s empire can attest, it’s the things you didn’t know you needed that get you. This is the kind of mouse that makes you think really hard about what you want in a mouse and want from it.


  • No squeeks, creaks or rattles.
  • The shape is nice and safe for what should be the majority of users.
  • The clicks are light and responsive, feeling closer to the G303 than the G403, just a tough heavier.
  • The wireless has no perceptible input delay.
  • The mouse feels super agile, even with the cord.
  • Battery life out of the box was 28 hours with full lighting, 1000hz polling and 48% charge. Outstanding.
  • A mouse does not make you a better player, but a good mouse can at least not get in the way of winning.
  • The new HERO sensor is fantastic.
  • Middle click is moderate resistance with a muted feedback and there is nice rubber coating on the scroll providing good grip.
  • Scroll wheel has fairly light resistance with good bumpy scroll steps, good for FPS. The scroll wheel is quiet without any rattling when shaken or when scrolling quickly, so not bad for browsing either.
  • Thumb buttons are well placed and easily accessible with very light actuation.
  • There is a slot for the wireless USB receiver in the bottom rear of the mouse to help you keep it safe – nice touch.
  • The surface texture is good and helps keep the mouse controllable. It is not as rough as the G203 but it still provides good grip despite basically feeling smooth.


  • The GPW is a bit tail heavy with the PowerPlay module inserted.
  • The cost. There is just no way around the sticker shock.
  • This mouse can’t be worth anywhere near its selling price without all its features working. And that means there is a little bit more to worry about when it comes to durability.
  • The Nixeus Revel has a very similar shape and feel to the GPW in the grand scheme of things, weighs only 4 grams more and is wired but currently sells for $35 USD on Amazon.
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Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide] 3


  • VERY affordable considering the alternatives
  • Great battery life
  • Plenty of buttons
  • Light (compared to other mmo mice)
  • Good calibration
  • Lift off distance is very small
  • Very low latency and cursor doesn’t stutter at all
  • Fits big hands comfortably
  • ICUE software seems really solid
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Doesn’t rattle
  • Plastic has a very smooth finish on it (similar to Naga Epic)


  • 2 of the buttons are difficult to reach (the sniper button and the close middle button
  • The rubber on the right side can annoy you
  • The second button from the top left is too touchy — it toggles before it’s fully pressed down
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4. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide] 4
SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse


  • Wireless
  • Heavier – More control at higher DPI
  • Effortless Setup
  • Quick Charging (Just as Advertised)
  • Sleek Design
  • Satisfying Clicks
  • Programmable Buttons! (+5 Excluding M1 + M2)
  • Feels high quality
  • Great tracking
  • Software is easy to use, but could be improved
  • Colors are highly customization and look great


  • Takes an unusual amount of time to wakeup
  • Heavy, starting at 121g (For some this is a con)
  • Liftoff is very sensitive, searching for any dip or bump in your pad
  • Side mouse buttons, they’re just too small! The first side mouse button (furthest one) does not activate.
  • Software could be improved to include a way to change all color zones at the same time instead of having to do each zone individually
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5. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional 

Best mouse for PUBG [Top 5 Guide] 5
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum Professional 


  • Mechanical switches
  • Ambidextrous buttons (attach/detach magnetically & snap into place)
  • RGB Lighting configurable via Logitech software
  • Profile customization, Two modes: Automatic Detection profiles, OR on-board profiles
  • Gorgeous packaging, will look great as a gift
  • Ability to save profile settings on mouse
  • Light
  • Very accurate
  • Comfortable hand position
    Very nice and satisfying clicks (mouse and wheel)


  • Horizontal travel for left/right mouse buttons. (similar to keyboard key travel. This is due to the buttons using mechanical switches)
  • Price is a bit hard to swallow.
  • Would have loved a smart scroll feature like the MX master
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