Best Gaming Laptop under 600

Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide]

Best Gaming Laptop under 600
Best Gaming Laptop under 600

Best Gaming Laptop under 600: Finding proper gaming laptops with a price of under 600 is quite a hard task. Mostly, combination gaming laptop and low budget is the main concern.

A very satisfying gaming laptop costs around 2000. If you drop the fact that it should be a laptop and search for a gaming computer then you find really satisfying options already around 500.

But of course, this article is about the 5 best gaming laptop under 600. We show you 5 variants that you should consider with your budget. But keep in mind that if you can drop the fact of mobility and pick a gaming computer instead, then you will find much more satisfying options.


Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide] 1

The ASUS TUF only has about 20 customer reviews. Therefore, it is not a very well-known option but is definitely worth a consideration. The price is a little over 600 but it is worth it.


  • It stays pretty cool and quiet even in its loudest mode called turbo. Balanced is completely silent and still decently fast.
  • Although small the display is pretty sharp and a nice 120hz. I do wish it had GSync but overall you cant get everything for this great of a price.
  • This thing is quite the monster, its fast with the 1660ti. Im quite impressed by it.


  •  There is a mode called silent mode, In my opinion I think that mode is unusable. Its too slow for me. I bet it is good when you are trying to save battery life.
  • Now that leads into the next con, battery life. It seems it only lasts around 1 and a half hours even in balanced mode. Maybe im wrong about that but it seems very short.
  • Sometimes when I close the laptop and try to open it back up the display doesnt start up again. I can still hear the error sound when I type but there is no display, seems like a small bug. I have to usually hard reboot to start it again. I contacted support and they seemed very responsive though. Hope it gets fixed.
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2. Acer Aspire A315 15.6″

Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide] 2
Acer Aspire A315 15.6″

The Acer Aspire A315 15.6″ also only has about 20 customer reviews. Therefore, it is also not a very well-known option. However, it offers a good enough gaming experience for such a low budget. If you can afford a higher price of 200 then rather pick the ASUS TUF.


  • Game smoothly on medium-high settings on games
  • Screen quality is really decent
  • Backlit keyboard is a plus
  • Touchpad is great but that the quality can vary a little
  • Build is plastic but doesn’t feel at all cheap
  • Battery lasts 4-6 hours on gaming


  • Downside is the disk space
  • Build around the screen is a little iffy
  • Due to the speaker placement at the bottom of the laptop, the sound gets muffled and isn’t very loud
  • No FullHD Display
  • No dedicated GPU
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3. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop 15.6″

Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide] 3
Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop 15.6″

The Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop 15.6″ is a very popular gaming laptop. It has over 900 customer reviews and over 1000 answered questions on Amazon.

Overall, it looks better than you might expect and has performed without any problems. This is on of the best laptops for the price.


  • Though the case is plastic, the keyboard area itself has a cold metallic feel
  • The battery life is at least 8 hours
  • The keys, often described as mushy, still have a decent click and distance to them
  • The backlit keyboard looks nice
  • The screen is sharp
  • Stays pretty cool unless playing a game on full performance
  • Separate video card (with GDDR5 ram)
  • Easily upgradeable battery, RAM, SDD
  • VGA and HDMI ports for external projector/monitor


  • The keyboard backlight turns off after just a few seconds of not typing, which can be annoying and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change this
  • The webcam sucks
  • The speakers are on the bottom and sound like any other laptop speakers

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4. Dell Inspiron 14 2 In 1 Laptop 14″

Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide] 4
Dell Inspiron 14 2 In 1 Laptop 14″

The Dell Inspiron 14 2 In 1 Laptop 14″ only has about 20 customer reviews. Therefore, it is also not a very well-known option. This laptop is more for casual gamers. The tablet mode is a gimmick. You can spin the screen all the way around and use this as a writing pad.


  • Screen is really excellent 
  • Responsive, comfortable keyboard and touchpad
  • Fit and finish of the manufacture is of good quality
  • High definition screen really is the centerpiece of this laptop
  • Ratio of price to quality is wonderful


  • Laptop is a little heavy
  • Speakers on this Inspirion are typical laptop speakers, not so good
  • Pin and Barrel connector seems risky that any bumping of the adapter when plugged into the laptop has the possibility of damaging the connector or its connection to the board
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5. HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6″

Best Gaming Laptop under 600 [Top 5 Guide] 5
HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6″

The HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop 15.6″ is quite popular. It has over 100 customer reviews and over 250 answered questions on Amazon. This laptop has some heating issues. You can solve this with a cooling pad. This, however, brings up the question if gaming computer would be a better option since a laptop in combination with a cooling pad is quite the same setup. You won’t carry both with you.


  • Good gaming performance
  • Nice looking build
  • Multitasking is smooth


  • Tends to heat up rather quickly while gaming
  • Brightness is a little low
  • Color accuracy is a bit off
  • The Heat pipe is shared between CPU and GPU (the important one that 1050TI with 4 gigs DDR5 memory) This is bad because one heats up the other does a bit also since they share that copper tube.
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