Best microphone windscreen

Best microphone windscreen [Top 3 options]

Best microphone windscreen
Best microphone windscreen

Best microphone windscreen: Unfortunately, the quality of the sound recordings is not always optimal, even with a high-quality microphone. Disturbing wind noise is one of the annoyances.

You can counteract this with a windscreen. In the following, we will introduce it, go into different variations and give tips when a windscreen is suitable for podcasters and YouTubers.

Bestseller No. 1
Tetra-Teknica XFFZ5P-BLK Lapel & Headset Microphone Windscreen, Color Black, 5-Pack
  • Headset microphone windscreens made of lightweight yet dense and acoustically transparent foam material with good flexibility, strength and tear-resistance
  • An inexpensive, yet highly effective solution to reduce or eliminate unwanted plosives or popping sounds caused by mechanical impact of fast-moving air from speaking, wind, or man-made devices, such as ceiling fans or electrical fans
  • Fit a variety of headsets with microphones, such as gaming headsets, office telephone hands-free headsets, fitness class headsets, aviation headsets, motorcycle helmet headsets, hearing protection headsets, some voice recorders, podium microphones, and many others. Scroll down for a complete list of compatible devices
  • Protects the microphone from dust, humidity, and human saliva to prolong the lifespan of the microphone as well as maintain personal hygiene for professionals who share devices among their associates (for example: airline pilots, fitness class instructors, and alike)
  • A generous package of 5 windscreens are included, made and sold exclusively by SFT, Inc

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What is a windshield?

As the name suggests, such a windbreak is mainly used for strong wind noise, such as for outdoor shots.

It can be made of foam but is also often found as a synthetic fur variation. In both cases, the windscreen is placed over the microphone to reduce or eliminate noise.

Foam windshield

The foam windscreen is often seen on the microphones of TV stations or radio stations. When they are in use outdoors or at press conferences, for example, you can often see these protective covers over the microphones, printed with a logo of the station.

The main reason for their use is protected against wind noise, which is what gave them their name. Even a light breeze can lead to strong noise. At the same time, it also serves as simple pop protection to attenuate plosive sounds that would otherwise also disturb the sound recording.

However, such a foam windscreen also has disadvantages. It causes a slight attenuation of high frequencies, which is not ideal. In each individual case, one should therefore always consider its use

SaleBestseller No. 1
ChromLives Colorful Microphone Cover Microphone Windscreen Foam Cover Top Grade 10 Pack
184 Reviews
ChromLives Colorful Microphone Cover Microphone Windscreen Foam Cover Top Grade 10 Pack
  • 10Pack Microphone Windsreen Cover - 2.9 x2.3 inches with Caliber Size is 1.4 inches, compatible with most standard handheld microphones in market. (Note-Not for Headset Mic)
  • Higher Density Microphone Cover- Thick and soft foam covers, Better protect your microphone from wind interference and other noises even in strong wind condition. Suitable for indoor activity like ktv, dance ball, conference room, news interviews, stage performance and outdoor activity like news report, sports.
  • 10 Different Colors- Black,Red,Deep Red,Yellow, Purple, Midnight Blue,Aquamarine Blue,Rose Red,Grey,Orange.Easliy differentiate each microphone by using these microphone covers. Each microphone windscreen cover is packed seperately in a plastic bag so the color do not bled.
  • Clean and Sanitary: These mic wind covers can keep your microphone away from bacterial by avoiding dust, moisture and spit, allow you to use the mic in an ease and comfortable mood.
  • Attention: the foam microphone covers was squeezed in a bag(seperately), but they have excellent elasticity and shrinkage. When you receive the mic covers, please put them out for a little time then it will return to its original shape.

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Basket windscreen

An alternative, especially for professional recordings, is the basket windscreen. This is a basket that is covered with fabric (gauze). The microphone is inserted in it.

This offers even better wind protection due to the distance to the microphone and also high frequencies are not so attenuated.

For podcasters and YouTuber, however, the basket windscreen is usually not a real alternative, as it is too large and unwieldy.

Fur windshield

Clearly more frequently, however, the fur-windbreak is to be found. This is especially recommended in stronger winds, as it is even more effective against wind noise. This prevents the wind from not reaching the microphone capsule and thus prevents noise.

This is often unavoidable, especially for outdoor recordings, as the wind can quickly become a problem.

This wind protector is often called a ‘dog’ or ‘cat’, which is obvious because of the synthetic fur.

Bestseller No. 1
Movo WS1 Furry Microphone Windscreen for Zoom H1n Recorder - Outdoor Microphone Cover for Small Microphones up to 2.5' x 40mm (L x D) (Light Gray)
228 Reviews
Movo WS1 Furry Microphone Windscreen for Zoom H1n Recorder - Outdoor Microphone Cover for Small Microphones up to 2.5" x 40mm (L x D) (Light Gray)
  • BEST RECORDER ACCESSORY: The furry microphone windscreen is best used for the Zoom H1n recorder, Tascam, and Apogee Mic
  • UNIVERSAL: Also fits small microphones up to 2.5" long and 40mm in diameter
  • 1-YEAR WARRANTY: Weve got your back! Our products are designed to ease your technical woes, not add to them. Our friendly US-Based support is here to help
  • CLEAR AUDIO: Reduce wind and background noise up to 40dB with minimal high-frequency loss, perfect for outdoor recording
  • MATERIAL: The artificial fur material reduces noise when handling your microphone as opposed to a foam mic cover that can produce scratchy audio

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Do it yourself?!

A windbreak is usually not expensive, but some people want to save money. You can build it yourself, even if the results are not so professional.

For example, you can use a cleaning sponge and cut it with a pair of scissors so that the microphone fits inside. It is also possible to use leftover fabric. These can be put around the microphone and attached.

However, the results are usually not as good and reliable as with a purchased product.

Conclusion on the best microphone windscreen

Best microphone windscreen: If a pure pop screen is not enough, wind protection is usually used.

So if you’re a podcaster or YouTuber and you’re on the road a lot and do outdoor recordings, this is a necessary microphone accessory for you. But the windscreen is also a good solution for better sound at trade fairs or other gatherings of people.

For indoor recordings, on the other hand, a good pop screen is usually the better alternative. This is not only more effective protection against plosive sounds, but you usually get a better sound as well.

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